Friday, 26 April 2013

'Entwined' Fragment: sale at Art in the Heart

'Love Entwines Two Cultures'
H: 130cm x W: 36 cm
Oil paint, oil pastel, silver enamel, resin on hand made paper
This frameless fragment has just sold in Art in the Heart Gallery, Peterborough for over £450! I'm very pleased as this is a new departure for me and I'm happy that the discerning art public have taken it on! The piece is inspired by my mother in law's wedding sari which is unusually a pale eau de nil rather than the red or crimson traditionaly seen in Indian wedding saris. The sari has delicate silver thread embroidery and fine silk fringing which I have incorporated within the design. 
The title is a reference to two marriages, my father in law travelling from Kenya to India to meet and marry his bride, followed by a move to England to bring up his family in the West. My parents moved from Holland to Britain via the USA and Africa, finally ending in Scotland where my husband and I met and subsequently married. So it's really the story of 'love entwines many cultures!' 

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