Friday, 30 March 2012

Two Cultures: 'Scroll Fragment'

A little more detail, at this stage my palette looks more interesting....

1st Stage of painting the 'Scroll Fragment'

Garden chairs - the perfect paper drying surface!

Hand made paper drying in the sun; long 'scroll fragment' on Right
 A few days ago the sun was convincing us all we were anywhere but in Britain, so I spent time outside as it was perfect paper making weather! The smaller pieces will become a red 'Fragment' sari painting, similar to the 'Blue Peacock Fragment, and the long piece on the right, about 135cm length will become a 'Scroll Fragment' which I intend to back with board and so create something between a sculpture and a painting. The excellent photos are courtesy of friend Mel Evans, highly recommended as 'Artist's companion photographer'...

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