Thursday, 1 March 2012

Lata's Sari

Sketch book page 1 for 'Lata's Sari': a Chinese wallpaper postcard, and on the right a detail of the border design which I'll put on the left side of the painting. The sari has a delicate crocheted silk fringe which will be included 
Sketch book page 2 for 'Lata's Sari': the sketched detail on the left will be the general placement of motifs; the border design from sketch page 1 is one the left side of the painting

embroidery motif in silver thread 
This new piece is really exiting for me, I have been loaned my mum in law's wedding sari which is a wonderful pale eau de nil silk with silver thread embroidery. It's such a refreshingly cool crisp colour. I've also been thinking of Chinese painted wallpaper and have been inspired by the elegant lines of the flowering cherry tree in the postcard above, for the placement of the motifs in this painting, and for the inclusion of some of my favourite crimson into the overall colour theme.  I'll be including other motifs as I go along.This will be quite a large piece, H122cm x W61 cm,

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  1. I'm loving this Faye - its really delicate. Can't wait to see how it turns out.