Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Blue Peacock Fragment panel

The 'Fragment' Panel with resin coat
detail from top right corner
At last this 'fragment' panel has been completed! I have 'fixed' the details which included extra oil pastel, with spray varnish, and with my helpful assistant Mel I have now resined the panel. It will take 3 days to 'cure' and fully harden off and I plan to varnish the back for extra rigidity. Then the fun starts as I intend to use gold leaf as part of the next process which will be float mounting and framing. I am in awe of artists who use the full multi layered gesso plus clay based bole technique, I'll try that when I have more time! For this piece however, I will use a speedier technique which will still be entirely new to me. A steep learning curve coming up!

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  1. your sari's are absolutely beautiful and uniique, the colours are very vivid and i wish you great succes, your mum being proud of you.