Friday, 15 September 2017

Exquisite Heritage - Cathedral Exhibition: 'Just Passing Through...' Angel side

Sculpture: 'Just Passing Through...' Angel Wing
Is it life size? Not sure, but it's large enough to fit me! The decision to exhibit in the Peterborough Cathedral  Visitor Centre Gallery was a bit 'spur of the moment' but gave me the chance to look at the tapestries behind the High Altar. I was really pleased to see that one tapestry depicted the Angel rescuing St Peter from prison, from the Book of Acts in the Bible. This was the excuse I needed to finally create my own pair of wings! The Angel depicted has only one wing, the second presumably hidden behind its shining halo, so I have created one wing for this exhibition, plus a heel...The image of an Angel of God passing through a wall to reach St Peter was too great to resist and I'm hoping the illusion works once exhibited! A second wing (and perhaps an elbow) will follow in my next Exquisite Heritage Exhibition in the future, so this is a 'work in progress' although also stands (or hangs) alone.
1st stage drawing with gold enamel paint

2nd stage underpainting in oils

Final stage of the 'Angel' side
of the Wing

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