Tuesday, 3 November 2015

New York Sketch Book: Central Park, Peace Industry

Coming across this astounding group of singers (many from the same talented family), who perform daily in a massive arched passage way near the Bethesda Fountain, was such a blessing! Their voices were phenomenal and I sat for at least an hour just listening. It seemed at first as though there were only one or two, with random passers by joining, but later I realised that they were such a big group and sung all day long so they took breaks, sat down and then got up and joined in whenever it was their cue. They were so relaxed, strolling around and then out would come the most beautiful voices...The girl in the hat with the huge hair had such a great voice. I've found loads of Youtube clips of them, I'll put them on Facebook. The small guy in the sketch between the two other men had had a voice range which was stunning, reaching heights I'm not sure he should…..
Apparently these guys perform with quartets and other instrumentalists, in the subway, wherever they can. What a gift!
Rapid sketching of amazing group
of singers as they strolled around

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