Thursday, 27 August 2015

New York Sketch Book: Chelsea Gallery Day

I spent a day, partly on my own , and dodging rain storms, in the Chelsea area of New York. I went into so many galleries I lost count - an amazing experience and what an opportunity to view some of the most outstanding work I've ever see! A few are noted below
Yohan Capote's work comprised drawings and installations, one of which was a 12foot (ish) high
sculpture constructed from rusty door hinges and steel.

The Danese Corey Gallery exhibition 'Land & Sea' was outstanding in terms of technical virtuosity and  the immense size of some works, look for yourself:

Swoon: my favourite artist of all, a street artist (Caledonia Dance Curry) who pastes larger than life size woodcut prints  on empty warehouses throughout NY. I came across some of her work in a gallery alongside Damien Hirst and other notaries, she blew them away!!

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