Wednesday, 30 July 2014

National Trust Ham House paintings

Ham House Embroidery 1
Thai paper, oil paint, oil pastel enamel paint and resin on board
H: 85cm x W: 50 cm
Detail: border

I have been working for a number of months on two pieces inspired by a trip to the National Trust's Ham House, on the River Thames. The first panel (Ham House Embroidery 1) is Thai paper on board and takes its motifs from a silk embroidered bed head cover from 1670/1680. The detail image of the border, above, is inspired from the incredibly intricate decoration from what is thought to be the State bed, and is composed of silk thread, wire, vellum and silk tassels. Much of the embroidery is silk floss and cord, embellished with soft silk tassels, all in warm cream and peach tones. 

The second, larger piece which is a work in progress (Ham House Embroidery 2), is a paper on canvas work, which is a considerable size, hence the choice of a canvas structure as it is reasonably light weight compared to board!
Ham House Embroidery 2 - stage 3
oil on Thai paper on canvas
H: 102 x W: 127
A wonderful silk wall hanging was the starting point for this piece, and I have included a reference to the rich silk ruches that form a border to the hanging. The Thai paper which I have used as the base layer has dried flowers incorporated though out, and I have included these occasionally across the painting, integrating them across the surface of the work.
stage 2

Detail showing incorporation of dried flowers as part of the painting's overall design
Paper detail showing dried flower imbedded in paper

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