Thursday, 7 February 2013

Chinese fabric inspired paintings

Chinese Peony and Chrysanthemums:
This is a small painting I did over the Christmas period, 'just to please myself'! Elements are taken from Chinese brocade fabrics I have collected over the years. I have used my usual hand made Thai paper which I have glued to a small canvas instead of a panel. This piece is varnished rather than resined so will be ready for sale as soon as the varnish dries!
Chinese Peony and Chrysanthemums
Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm

Yellow Chrysanthemum Fragment:
This is a new experiment for me; adhering the Thai paper onto a 'fragment ' of my own hand made paper. I can paint in quite fine detail on the Thai paper, but not on my own paper, so for this small scale fragment I've made a combination. The Thai paper 'felts' onto the base paper really well and the irregular edges of the 'fragment' were maintained, which is important. I will be creating this as a wall mounted piece: resined on both sides to form a thin 'sculpture' that will be braced on the back with wood, from which the piece will be hung.

Yellow chrysanthemum Fragment
1st Stage: 'felting' the Thai paper onto my own hand made paper

2nd Stage:  the main sections are painted with some additional motifs to be added when this layer is dry.

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  1. The art is very lovely and exquisite. You really captured the elegance of Chinese art.